This is a research study conducted on the topic Record Management System and effective registry procedure with particular reference to Obudu local government area of Cross River State.

A record is any written data made possible in future use. By records management, we mean the making, use, control and disposition of records so that the systems work effectively and economically.

Modern society depends much upon records, business organizations, government ministries, educational institutions and social institution depends upon records for their existence. In the modern business office in Nigeria, contract, letters, memoranda, invoices, chaques, vouchers, price list, catalogues, cost analysis statements, personal reports etc. constitute records that have to be preserved for future reference.

Educational institutions keep records of their students names, addresses and even results of examinations taken either passed or failed. Librarians keep records of all books including those on loan and when such books should be returned.

Records making on the other hand means records creation. Records created must be distributed, maintained, preserved and finally disposed when no longer needed.

Records management is aimed of preparing, arranging and keeping the record in the most convenient manner so that they can easily be located when required. Other aspects of records management have been taken care of namely methods of filing, file classification, indexing, file design, fellow up action on files, record retention or destruction and file transit recording.

Therefore, records that any officer can refer to at any time may not be kept in a secret registry or inside the office of the executive. It is the user that will determine where to keep the records to ensure that they are handled. Because of this proper records management system and effective registry procedure, the researcher decided to carryout a research work in Obudu local government area as a study.


The emerging field of computers in the 21st century has added to the glamour of record administration or management. The role of computer in the processing of information such as letters, reports and storage of it, has made it attractive medium of records management. In short, the electronic medium and above all, its accessibility, make it an important role of information management and dissemination. Today, it is very difficult to talk of information management without mentioning the ICT, which stands for information and communication technology. This technology involves acquiring, storage, processing and distributing information by electronic means including radio, television, telephone, computers etc.

This ICT can be grouped into three classes of technologies, namely; information technology, which deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information when desired, while situation, person or event.

a. Telecommunication technologies, best known as the internet, but which has extended to mobile phones technology G.S.M, vice over internet protocol i satellite communication and other forms of communication that are still incubation. These technologies have become the central focus of modern society. When ever one is engaged in at a given time, answering telephone calls, sending emails, bank transactions using library, watching TV programme, working in an office, booking for seat in an air line, applying for university, polytechnics admissions etc. among others involve the use of ICT.

b. Micro filling microfilling is a process of developing for bulk coping of records, drawings, extracts from books for filling purposes. In other words, microfilling is a photographic means of filling documents for preservation for future use and also saves spaces in the office.


Obudu Local Government Areas is in the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River state, its headquarters is Obudu the home of the foremost tourist centre in Nigerian, the Obudu Cattle Rancher. the tern wards in obudu local government t areas are as follows:











Since the inception of the present democratic dispensation in obudu local government area under the distinguished leadership of honorable walter ugbe John Uke as Executive chairman, the administration has consistently dept fate with the public given the three cardinal point vision canvasses throughout the electioneering campaign which borough this government to power. This to many observers is reasonable panacea for the measure of success of any administration. The three point programme area;

Human Resources Development

Integrated Rural Development

Road Construction and rehabilitation


The Three Cardinal programmes

On assumption of office, the administration discovered the necessity to spread the three point programme throughout the three year tenure in office as provided in the local government law of Cross River state. The Obudu local government took decision step in implementing the human resource development programme.

This coincided with the fact that the size and nature of the existing administration structure did not favour the democratic system that was to be enthroned. More manpower was needed to support the functionality of democracy in this ties of government.

After due consultation with all department and affiliate department of the local government, two hundred and fifty six persons were employed into the council in fulfillment of its programe. in the same vein 320 other person were employed on approval by the executive chairman for the local government education Authority LSGEA to uplift the standards of primary education in the area. All these were achievable with the lean resources available to council.

Currently, the chairmans wife has completed designing an Aid and development progamme of the disabled children chest unit leper fcolony in Obudu local government area. It is also in the light of human resources development that this administration plays a supportive role to UNDP in the programme.

On infrastructural development, many projects have been imitated, contracts have been duly considered and awarded. some of these projects have been completed and work is at advance stage in others. The completed project include;

Extension of chairmans office

Construction of legislative chambers


Landscaping and surface dressing of council premises with granite.

Building of a main block to accommodate works and Agric Department of council construction of a four class room block at RCM Ohong

Construction of a health centre at Bayobri Ukpe Obudu.

Renovation of Administration block at council secretariat.

Because of the lean resources available to council most of its project have not been completed though at advance stages. These projects are;

The ultra modern civil centre in Obudu town. This pet project is near completion and it is the hoped of council that it will be commissioned shortly.

Work is at advanced stage for the construction of a perimeter fence, gatehouse, and generator house and landscaping of the surroundings of the civil centre. security of lives and properity became threatened when in less than a month two lives were lost to robbers and several vehicles were stolen.

Boundary problems also escalated between Benue state and Cross River State in the Obudu frontier. To check this, council decided to build city gates at strategic locations, that of Obuidu/Vandeikya border is near completions while plans are under way to commence work on those at Obudu / Obanliku and Obuku / Bekwara Borders. On health, council has awarded contracts for the construction of a cottage hospital at Ohorg, which has reached advanced stages of completion the health centre at Ukpe has been completed and is waiting commissioning. In an effort to improve on primary education in the area and in accordance with the federal government policy on Education council is currently embarking on the construction of structures to accommodate to accommodate of structures to accommodate pupils in schools. The building of a primary school block at Kutia is near completion. similarly, council has made substantial support to the building of secondary school Okorongung and the construction of six class room block at Model primary school Ohong which is at roofing level.

On integrated rural development. council has played supportive roles to communities embarking on developmental project by giving aid in kind and cash. In a bid to enhancing living conditions and to avoid health hazards. Council embarks on disposal of refuse at sanitary dumps cited at strategic locations in Obudu Urban.

Government Agencies within Obudu are not left out of the scheme of things in this administration council has awarded contracts for the renovation of the divisional police office and judges quarters which have been hitherto inhabitable communication gadgets such as telephone lines, high frequency Radio and intercom Radio are already being installed within the council headquarters.

On sports, this administration has brought the standards of the hilltop football club to enviable state by providing them with enough kits and recruiting more serious footballers into the team. A new management has also been constituted for the club to improve its performance. Council recently provided free medical services for the sick within the local government area in conjunction with Cross River state government, greater Washington society of Anesthesiology, prohealth international eye Africa and other collaborating Agencies. A total of about 5,000 patients were treated during the exercise.


1. Miss Management of records management and registry procedures caused delay in retrieval document in an organization.

2. Lack of proper records management system and registry procedures causes ineffective and inefficiency management in Obudu local government.

3. Lack/without numbering each file with its number accordingly, arranged, caused delay, whenever there is need to retrieval of intimation, in Obudu local government.

4. Electronic system of filling management is a problem in under developing country like Nigeria.

5. Lack of expertise in electronic files management is problem in most of organizations.

6. problem of lacking the space while opening the drawere in the office, is a problem



Des missmanagement of records system and registry procedures, causes delay in the retrieval of document in Obudu local government

Does improper records management system and registry procedures caused ineffective and inefficiently management in the central office management

The files that number can be used as reference or a pointer to the file

Does electronic system of files management problem in developing country like Nigeria

Does lack of spaces, for accommodation a problem, while opening the drawers in an organization



This research work has the primary objectives of fulfilling the requirement for the ward of national diploma ND as specified by National Board for Technical education NBTE.

It is also to highlight secretaries and managers in both public and private sector, that records management system and registry procedures is the best. that is to say effective and efficiency provide the goal of organization finally, the study is also to enable young academicians especially those in public administration management department, Fidei Polytechnic Gboko.


It serve as a sources of references material to young academician, that they will be coming at back. further more, it will serve as a prerequisite for the award of National Diploma.

And also helpful to academic work in general and the area/field of discipline.


The scope of this study focuses mainly on Obudu local government where the researcher tries to identify the effective and efficiency ways of management of records. The researcher also discovered inefficiency of management in Obudu local government because, it is serves the researcher did not covered the whole area he only covered centre office only. and there was lack of money facing the researcher.


Record: means only written data made for possible future use.

Technology: means uses modern equipment in storing information

Management: means the act of running and controlling a business, e.g. how files is manage in the organization

Preserve: means keeping something to be sue in future time

Memoranda: means an official note from one person to another in the same organization; to writer/sent circular

Correspondence: means letters an organization receives and sent/going out of the organization.

Effective: means producing that which is invented correctly.

Efficiency: mean the quality of doing some thing well with no waste time and money.

Geographical: mean location or zoning of something according to its area.

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