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Role of Nigeria media in promoting accountability in government




This project looks at Role of Nigeria media in promoting accountability in government. The research work empirically explored the role of Nigeria media in promoting accountability in government: a case study of Anambra state government. The objectives of this study were to examine the level of media responsibility of ensuring accountability in government, ascertain the extent to which the media inform citizens on their right to demand greater accountability from the government, identify the perception of Nigeria about the media’s fairness in reporting government activities. The scope of the study is Anambra state in 2020 making use of populace, information theory was used as a framework. The research design used for this study is survey, the population targeted for this study consists of all residents of the state. 400 dwellers were used as sample size and cluster sampling technique was applied. Instrument used for this study is the questionnaire. Data collected were collected from primary sources. From the analysis of the data, the findings show that the media has helped in ensuring accountability of government in Anambra state, media created a reasonable level of information to the citizen on their right to the accountability of the government of Anambra state, the media is fair in the reportage of government activities in Anambra state. Following the findings, it was recommended that the media should be left to operate independently without external interference or threat, the media should be provided with adequate equipment and professional manpower to perform its duties properly, corruption among the media house and media personnel should be completely eradicated. The study concludes that mass media has a strong impact on people. 


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