This project was designed to know the roles of secretaries in Higher Institution of Learning five (5) Research Questions were used in the this study and they serve as guideline for investigation.
The design for the Case Study are questionnaire, oral interviews and observation method used to gather information. Thirty (30) questionnaires were distributed and admistered by the respondent on who a secretary is? Categories, qualification of a secretary e.t.c. Therefore, there should be improvement in the promotion of saving secretaries and a good secretaries should be promotion into management cadre after seven (7) or move years.



This Secretary has gone a long way in the business world. This profession is not a new one in Nigeria today and occupied a very unique position in our business officers over the years.
The secretary is a person who works in an organization, hand with someone who regards as ?Boss?. Also, the duties of a secretaries are diverse in nature numerous as regard public enterprises. It is not uncommon to refers secretaries as the ?backbone? of the various institution where they work at any point in time.
Therefore, Nigeria being a developing country, in terms of economy, inevitably, needs the service of secretary in his/her institution for smooth and growth of it. This is primarily because a secretary is the first point of contact on getting to an organization and has the first chance to create a good impression to any visitor who needs the intention of his/ her boss.
In addition, the secretary?s work course a variety of jobs ranging from performing secretaries only perform secretarial work in the office, but it is important to note that their work caries according to the kind of product or services rendered by the firm serve.
A secretary can also be described as a highly placed staff whose responsibilities include the preparation and filling of correspondence, the presentation of the executive on concise forums a neat package, everything that may be needed for each report of other items of want in is daily routine, the organization of meeting including the preparation or agenda, their distribution to those concerned the seating in the meeting room, the minutes of meeting and the following of decision deliberation of he meeting.
An institution that used for this case study, the polytechnic, Ibadan was established in 1970 as a successor to the erstwhile Technical College, Ibadan under the provisions of a principle edit citied as the polytechnic Ibadan Edict 1970. This Edict has under gone several amendments on order to make the polytechnic relevant to present day needs of Oyo State, the proprietor in particular and Nigeria in general.
The primary functions of the polytechnic is to provide for students, training, development of techniques in Applied Science, Engineering science and commerce. The polytechnic has been making valuable contributions to the social and development of the country over the years, The Polytechnic has also produced high level man power in some areas such as urban and regional planning Mass Communication etc. the primary focus of the polytechnic is training that practical oriental, most especially in an area of secretary ship. The institution has been performing this function creditably well for almost thirty years, the graduates of the polytechnic, Ibadan are found in all areas endeavor all over the and even outside the country. In fact most of the institutions throughout the world because an institution can not leaden out the employment of secretaries to improve. Its to day activities and thereby faster it growth.
By the amendment of the principal edict of the polytechnic, which come into force on the 17th March, 1987, four satellite campuses of the polytechnic were created. They look off during,1981/82 session and sited at Eruwa, Saki, Iree and Esa oke. A director who is responsible to Rector for the administration and discipline of the campus at ire and Esa Oke has become the property of osun state Government. Since 1975/76 academic session, the polytechnic, Ibadan has been operating on faculty system for easier work. Coordination and management. At present, there are six faculties name: Engineering, Science, Environmental studies, financial and Management studies, Business Studies and Diploma programmes. The student enrolment of the institution has continued to grow. During the 1997/98 session population was about 19,000.
It is quite known that some of the members of the members of this institution today refers to the studies who take up Office technology and Management as a course, having no future.
This can be future said that people in the profession took up the course, because they were dropouts and unintelligent and that the people who studies the could not cope with their chosen careers, and therefore, had to takes up secretarial profession.
In addition, an averagely, educated member of the institution who intends to refers to a role of secretary uses the world ?Typist? for a secretary and vise versa. The two professions are different from others but it seems to perform the same tasks and functions.
On the other hand , the researcher of this project endeavors to differentiate between the secretary and the typist, and their duties and tasks as well.
Moreover, the secretary?s duties in a lot of easy different from that of the typist, as his task in an institution.
BACKBONE: the chief support of an institution boss is an executive with the secretary works with.
TYPIST : – Is the person deals with typing jobs
TYPING: – This involves the use of typewriter
ROLES: – these are the tasks and responsibilities which secretary assume in an organization by the confident secretary.
SHE/HE: – This has been used to confidential secretary in this project.
STENOGRAPHER: – A secretary who transcribes shorthand into longhand.
This study broadens the knowledge of most people especially those carrying out
business functions in an institution in the roles of secretaries. In the following
i. That due to the abuse on employment as some private organization or
institution , utilization of unqualified and ill-equipped personal to perform the roles of
secretary?s functions, their functioning have been trading.
ii. Ability to take responsibilities it is probably that this quality distinguishes the private
secretary form the shorthand typist who is concerned mainly with the routine work of an
office, but it is not as a rule expected to take responsibilities.
iii. To correct the wrong image to a secretary and as certain the rightful position it in the

The scope of this study is limited to some institution and the general roles of secretary.
Other institution may even have better prospects, which therefore will change the roles of secretary in which institutions.
The significance of the study is exceptionally based on the roles secretary in an institution. Their duties embrace a lot of works ranging from supervising the day to day activities within the institution attending meetings on behalf of the institution and taking proper records of all the meetings.
This research project would therefore.
i. Examine the different roles of secretary in an institution.
ii. Identify the roles of secretaries and how these roles can be carried out
iii. Being enlightenment to people who have the belief that secretaries are just messengers in the offices.
iv. To enable the secretary to contribute the economic development of Nigeria.
v. To enable the boss to realize other important roles of the secretary.

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