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The effect of admixtures on properties of concrete



Abstract The project titled”The effect of admixtures on properties of concrete: case study of sugar, cow bone ash, groundnut shell ash, and limestone powder” was carried out with the aim of knowing the effect the of the various types of admixtures used on the properties of concrete, in term of the workability of concrete, durability of concrete and the concrete strength. The materials used are cow bone ash, groundnut shell ash, sugar and limestone powder. The cow bone was sourced along Sobi road, Akerebiata area, Ilorin East local government area and the groundnut shell was sourced from Oja-Oba, Ilorin west local government. The cow bone was sun-dried after careful separation from flesh, tissues, and fats, the ash was carried out by incinerating the bone at a temperature of 900°C in a furnace. Also, the groundnut shell ash was obtained by burning groundnut shells on an iron sheet in the open air under normal temperature while sugar and limestone powder was bought from market (chemical store) along Taiwo road, Ilorin Kwara state. The method adopted was batching of concrete materials, mixing of concrete materials, production of cubes, curing of cubes (for 14days and 28days) while the test carried out during and after the concrete cubes are produced or casted are sieve analysis test, slump test and compressive strength test. Based on the result of this investigation, the conclusion I made was that admixtures affect properties of concrete like its slump value, density, compressive strength, etc and that admixtures generally decrease the slump value of concrete which in turn decrease the workability of the concrete. I thereby recommend that further research should be carried out using 20%-50% of LP, CBA and GSA as admixture at an interval of 10% for the same experiment.


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