Comparison of soil bearing capacity of different locations in Imo state

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Abstract The topic of this project is the Comparison of Soil Bearing Capacity in different locations in Imo State, which is the maximum average contact pressure between the soil and foundation which should not produce shear failure in the soil. In this project research, so many tests were carried out in the laboratory. The purpose of this seminar work is to compare the soil bearing capacity in different locations such as: Umuwa Urualla in Orlu zone, Mbaise, and Okpala in Owerri zone.  A 1.8m deep boring was made using a post whole anger, disturbed soil samples were collected. Laboratory classification was carried out on representative samples to improve their field identification system for engineering purpose. The test conducted include: Natural moisture content, Unit weight of Soil test, and Shear Strength test (Shear Box). The result obtained for the bearing capacity of the selected soil samples is as follows: (Umuwa Urualla 247.03, Mbaise  270.88, Okpala 298.47 (kN/m2)) after using the safety factors.

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