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The impact of child trafficking on women in Nigeria

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This study is carried out to investigate the impact of child trafficking on women in Nigeria. The study obtained data for the study through a well-designed questionnaire which was administered to 50 respondents at human right commission, Kwara State Wing. The questionnaire was designed to capture demographic factor of the respondents, causes of child trafficking, effect of child trafficking on women and ways to curb child trafficking in our society. It was found that, child trafficking is at average level and female are the most vulnerable to child trafficking in Nigeria. Traffickers are found to be the major category that enhance child trafficking followed by socio-economic factor of parent such as low income, family size etc., lack of knowledge by individual and being dependable is also found to be causes of being a victim of child trafficking. It was further found that, child trafficking has great negative impact on women in many ways such as, it deprive them from education, many get unwanted pregnancy, having high possibility of  acquiring STDs, engagement in bad behavior in later life and  many victims suffer a lasting psychological challenge. The study revealed that many people do not believe child trafficking can be eradicated in Nigeria and government are not doing enough to fight against child trafficking. Based on the findings, it was recommended that, there should be awareness about child trafficking and people should be educated about it consequences, the general public are also advised to be having manageable family size and government are urge to increases standard of living of the citizen and implement active law to severely punish persons found guilty of child trafficking

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