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One of the actual surest indicators of deteriorating condition in a business organisation is low job satisfaction and where management does not show enough human concern, there is bound to be employee dissatisfaction. It is my concern in this research work to examine the impact of job satisfaction on workers productivity and to relate job satisfaction and productivity in a manufacturing company. A random sampling technique was adopted to select a sample of respondents from the total population of the industry. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used in this study and the method is data analysis used is chisquare method. This is refers to the statistical procedure which allows the researcher to make inference on the entire population based on a sample of the population. It was however discovered after the analysis that employees satisfaction or dissatisfaction affects employees performance. Economic need affects the job satisfaction of majority of the employees and economic needs include pay, working conditions and job security.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

Man is at the centre of economic activities for production with increased competition. Among all available resources in any business organization man stands out as the most valuable and cherished resources but only a relaxed worker is a productive worker and leisure is recognized as an integral part of the need of any normal human being.

Also rapid urbanization has profoundly altered human habit and way of life through noise, dust and pollution of all sorts. This need for social, cultural and physical regeneration makes the provision of adequate leisure infrastructure to satisfy people desire for means of enjoyment and relaxation a matter beyond our naira and kobo value consideration. To individual, two activities leisure and work share the twenty four hours in a day. Increase in wages will induce more work and this will hold till a certain level of working hours to leisure. If you look at a group of persons performing the same job, you look will note that some do it better than others do and this is due to the rate of satisfaction being derived from their employers.

With this, we can say job satisfaction is the result of various attitudes by an employee and these attitudes include level of wages, Condition of work, social relaxation on the job, steadiness of employment and so on.

1.2 Statement of the problem

One of the actual surest indicators of deteriorating condition in a business organization is low job satisfaction. In any circumstances where management does not show enough human concern, there is bound to be employee dissatisfaction and in most cases, frustration creeps in.

This sort of situation is never to the best interest of the organization as it is more often leads to strike, work to rule actions, slow down, lateness and absenteeism. Absence of job satisfaction may also be part of grievances, low performance, disciplinary problems and other difficulties.

On the other hand, high job satisfaction brings co operation and team work, which are pre requisites to progress. A job satisfaction is associated with how turnover, few and low rate of lateness. When there is low turnover, there will be older and more experienced employees. Most importantly, industrial dispute can hardly occur in an organization with high job satisfaction.

1.3 Objective of the study

The broad objective of this is to find out the effect of job satisfaction on productivity in manufacturing industry. For any industrial organization, the effect of job satisfaction are very crucial by taking cognizance of the attitudes of workers on factors relate to the job, an organization will be in a better position to know if there is high or low job satisfaction and then find out factors militating against this satisfaction. Thus, this study attempted to relate job satisfaction and productivity in manufacturing company. In order to achieve the broad objective, the following specific objectives have been adopted.

i. To examine firms internal environment as it affects increase productivity.

ii. To evaluate workers remuneration in achieving organizational goals.

iii. To establish the extent to which training and communication improve workers performance.

1.4 Research Question

The study will be designed to examine as to whether there is any relationship between job satisfaction and productivity. The research questions will include:

a Is there any relationship between job satisfaction and productivity in LOPIN Limited

b Has employee satisfaction any effect on customer satisfaction

c How can job satisfaction be achieved and maintained in the manufacturing company

1.5 Statement of Hypotheses

H1 That good organization climate and proper security of the job can increase productivity.

H0 That good organization climate and proper security of the job cannot increase productivity.

H1 That a well remunerated worker makes an impact on the organization goal

H0 That a well remunerated worker does not makes an impact on the organization goal

H1 That training and communication improve workers performance

H0 That training and communication does not improve workers performance.

1.6 Significance of study



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