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This study examines ?shorthand subject and level of performance of students in Office Technology and Management?. The research design used for this study is survey method. The population comprises of 350 students in the department of Office Technology and Management in Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos state. The Random Sampling Techniques was used to obtain 43% which is 150 students. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The questionnaire was divided into two sections (Section A & B). The findings of this study made it clear that time is very essential for OTM students to be very effective in shorthand drilling, the erroneous believe of people that shorthand is difficult affects the performance of OTM students and student also agreed that they can learn and pass shorthand excellently.



1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background to the Study
Shorthand is a system of rapid handwriting employing symbols to represent words, phrases, and letters. It is a, form, or instance of abbreviated or formulaic reference. It has been described as any system of rapid writing using symbols or shortcuts that can be made quickly to represent letters of the alphabets, words or phrases. Various terms are used for shorthand. One of the terms used is Brachygraphy meaning short writing, from the Greek word meaning short. Stenography meaning narrow or small writing from the
Greek word meaning narrow is another term used for Shorthand. Tachygraphy meaning swift writing from the Greek word meaning swift is also used for Shorthand. Over the years, advancement in office technology and new management styles has brought about changes to the office environment. Secretaries have undergone rapid transformation, moving from working in their age-old traditional role of taking notes in shorthand and transcribing on manual typewriter to new and multiple roles of using electronic, computer and recording devices. According to Norris (2008), the work of secretaries has shifted to a more management/administrative function in addition to their traditional secretarial functions. This is as a result of the introduction and use of new technologies in the office. Secretaries are assuming more and newer responsibilities, and are expected to perform at higher levels of administration and management, with higher remunerations. The traditional secretarial skill of taking notes in shorthand and transcribing on manual typewriter is fading away. Emphases has shifted to storing, editing and retrieving minutes of meetings and correspondences with the use of computer and electronic typewriter due to automated equipment in offices (Akpan, 2000).
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Technology has caught up with shorthand in this era. Proponents of automated equipment in offices and the increased use of automated equipment by business executives and secretaries has promoted the assumption that the use of shorthand will be phased out and modern machines and equipment would take over the functions of shorthand writers.
Shorthand candidates have been performing very poorly. Such performance indicates that this much needed skill for our secretaries is not being acquired as required. This poor performance has been noted for several years and the institutions offering the examinations seem not to be putting any effort towards improving the performance.
1.3 Objective of the Study
The major objective of this study was to determine shorthand subject and level of performance of students in Office Technology and Management. The specific objectives were to:
? To determine the ratio of students versus typewriters in training institutions presenting candidates for shorthand examinations.
? To determine students? competencies in writing shorthand at the various stages in training institutions.
1.4 Research Questions
In order to achieve the objectives of the study the following research questions will be answered-:
? Does time allowed for practice affect performance of students taking shorthand in Nigeria Higher Institutions?
? Does erroneous believe of people in general that shorthand is difficult to learning affect the performance of students?
? Would you say that the school has enough equipment for learning shorthand?
? Does lecturer competency influence student?s performance in training institutions in Nigeria?
1.5 Significance of the Study
This study will help to define more clearly the importance of the skill to students of Office Technology and Management, in establishing or the importance of the skill in business today. It will also help to clear some deluding notions already conceived and nurtured by lazy students and at the same time influence students? attitudes to this course.
1.6 Scope of the Study
This study is restricted to Yaba Technology, Yaba, Lagos State (Office technology and Management Department to be precise)

1.7 Operation Definition of Terms
? Performance – refers to accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness and speed.
? Poor performance ? refers to performing below expectations.
? Shorthand – A system of rapid handwriting employing symbols to represent words, phrases, and letters.
? Examination – A set of questions or exercises evaluating skills or knowledge.
1.8 Historical Background of the Study
Yaba College of Techonology was established in 1947 as a successor of Yaba Higher College. It attained autonomous status in 1969 by virtue of Decree 23 which granted it the mandate to provide full ? time and part ? time courses of instruction and training it technology, applied science, commerce and management, agricultural production and distribution, and for research.
Yaba College of Technology is the first higher institution in Nigeria to establish a centre offers compulsory courses which monitors the quality academic service delivery.
The Applied Research and Technology Innovation (ARTI) unit was established to promote research and linkages with private sector organization for the exploitation and use of research. ARTI also assists to promote linkages between students of Yaba Tech and students of other institutions especially in the era of research. The college has won the Nigeria Polytechnic Games Association five times out of sixteen edition of the competition. The college has a second campus at Epe, this campus is home to the Department of Agricultural Technology and Michael Otedola Information and Communication centre.
Yaba College of Technology has eight schools and thirty ? four academic departments with a total of sixty ? four accredited programmes, across ND, HND and Post ? HND levels. The college also offers certificate courses.


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