This research work focuses on the Impact of Performance Appraisal in the Determination of Training Need in the Local Government Service. Okehi local government area of Kogi State is chosen as the case study. The work also looks at the essentials of training and development and how it can improve staff’s performance in local government service and the need for local government to ensure adequate training and development of their staff to improve their performance. The aim of the work is to find out what conditions can make the staff improve their performance and to find out these serial questions have been asked the staff of the local government and their responses have been presented, the researcher work was analyzed using simple percentage to find out certain information on the above topic. To be able to get information from the respondents, questionnaire were administered on the conclusion whether or not Okehi local government is alive to its responsibilities in respect of improved performance through staff training and development. Staff members and these numbers were filled and reformed so based on the findings from the responses of the respondents, the researcher was able to draw his conclusions on the topic.

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