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The improvement of banking services through computer application in Nigerian money deposit banks




This research focuses on the improvement of banking service through computer application in Nigeria Money deposit banks. Computer is basically introduced and the basics of its purpose are the progress automatically accepting, storing and processing data to produce information. In fact, the importance of information cannot be overemphasized in carrying out day to day activities. Both banks and other financial institution are heavy users of computers. Banks use computers to process the huge amount of data and credit card transaction. That take place daily there  by bringing efficiently in operation. It is presently held that commercial bank services have made a lot easier and more profitable with the use of computers. This work discusses computer network in Nigeria, types of computers used in banks, uses of computers operations, etc. in gathering of data for this work. I used primary and secondary data sources for this work such as questionnaires, internet as well as textbooks and journals. Data obtained were presented using tables were made in this research work, it was revealed that computer application has improved the services of commercial banks in Nigeria. Thereby services and profitability, in conclusion, the researcher made several recommendations to commercial banks in Nigeria to embrace the types, needs and uses of computer used in banks such as mainframe and microcomputers with other peripherals, network essential s such as network card, network cables, network connectors, coaxial cables router and very small aperture terminal (VSAT)


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