The role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism




This project looks at The role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism. As a basis of the argument in this study, an attempt was made to illuminate the “interdependent” nature of the relationship between the media and terrorist which should help expose or explain the convention and narratives which have led to terrorism and how the people of the world have been able to benefit from the information of the media. Primary and secondary data were used in gathering information for the study. The secondary data was a review of documented materials, while the primary data was obtained with the help of questionnaires. Questionnaires were distributed to 100 respondents out of the students of different faculties in Kwara state polytechnic. Descriptive statistics and expository research design were used for the data collected. Based on the findings from the study, it was recommended that the government too should provide an avenue for the public to assist in the fight against terrorism. Also, the media should not magnify the fear and threat of the people in the way they report terrorism.

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