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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the study Training of employees of late has been given a boost within every organization. This probably is as a result of the need for consistency and employees improvement on the job. Technology changes with time and there is therefore the need for employees in the organizations to have the requisite corresponding training practices in order to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness. In his book on human resource management, Gary (2005) defines training as the methods used to give new and present employees the skills they need to perform their job. Perhaps the most essential tool for the achievement of organizational goals is the human resource and for that matter employee, hence the need for assessing employees training practices. A well trained employee is the key to organizational success. Studies have shown that the most successful productive employees are those who have received intensive training practices. They are the cream of crop often having a strong stake in the organizational future. In an ideal world, you will be able to hire people who already possess the exact skill your organization needs, but today?s competitive labour market, demand for skilled workers far exceeds supply, that is where training comes in. Not only does it arm your employee with the needed attitude on the technical skills, but it also shows that you are investing in your employees and interested in building them for the organizational future needs. It helps keep employees motivated and innovated.


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