Cloning and installation of a computer system

This research is on Cloning and installation of a computer system




Cloning and installation of a computer system. This research work on ASSEMBLING AND INSTALLATION OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM which illustrates the entire components that make up a computer system, how to assemble and install the different components including the operating system. This is a way in which hardware and software are joined together to form a complete system that interacts with each other and controls its environment. Computer system is an electrical electronic device, capable of accepting data using input devices including, (mouse, keyboard, scanner) etc. process its inputted data, with the aid of its processing unit,(it is where logical arithmetic and registry functions are done) and output processed data using output devices as information. It still has the tendency of storing its process data using its storage devices, either as a hard copy or soft copy. The method of assembling computer hardware components and software in computer system accurately, the knowledge of computer architecture which set the standard for all the devices that are connected to it and all the software that run in it is based on the type of programs that will run (business, scientific) and the number of them running concurrently must be known and its path of arrangement and the installation should be done correctly to maintain perfect computer system. 

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