ABSTRACT:   The study aimed at identifying the impact of the delegation of authority on employees’ performance at Nigeria Breweries Makurdi. It has constructed on measuring the impact of delegation on efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment. Sample of the study represented by employees in which they are embedded in central and executive management through a random sampling reached to (100) employees from total (300). The sample was used as a tool for achieving the results. The results of the study have shown that there is a statically significant for delegation of authority on efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment of employees’ performance at Nigeria Breweries Makurdi. The study has recommended in the need to activating administrative delegation authority of employees in Nigeria Breweries Makurdi. Also, increase the level of delegation to be corresponded with the value of tasks in order to promote functional performance. Moreover, improving administrative delegation of authority in which effect on employees’ satisfaction, employees’ empowerment to implement tasks individually without asking high management. This method will save time and effort. It will also offer service for customers rapidly and directly

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