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This research examined democracy consolidation and its manifestations in Kogi state using Ajaokuta local government as a case study. Since (1999) democracy has been facing a lot of setbacks due to the negative attitudes of some Nigerians. We have witnessed several pre-election and post-election violence in Nigeria so, it is believed that this research work will do more in educating the people. The objective of this research is to highlight the good programs embarked upon by the Ajaokuta local government between (1999) – (2014) and how it has improved the general welfare of the Ajaokuta populace. The method used in collecting data was mainly primary and secondary techniques and questions which were administered to a population size which was drawn from the populace of Ajaokuta local government area and the employees of the local government council. These were analyzed by a simple percentage method. Having critically examined this topic, some recommendations if strictly adhered to, the much needed development will be recorded at the local government levels. The following are some of the recommendations made: that more should be done in the area of sensitizing the people of this country that democracy is the best form of government in any developing country like ours (Nigeria) in order to fast track development both social, economic, political technical and above all infrastructural development.


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