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This engineering project looks at the Design and fabrication of a portable cassava grater. There is a need for the hygienic processing of cassava. Prevalent condition in the commercial grating area of this staple food shows susceptibility of food contamination. This project addresses the need for the development of a home-scale cassava grater where the materials, the tuber s of cassava being grated can be properly monitored. Some design considerations used in this project are the machine should be efficient during use in the household as well as moveable (portable) and Safety or easily operated. Another problem considered is that cassava produces a large amount of cyanogenic glycosides, so in selecting materials, for construction, adequate care must be taken not to use materials that cannot degrade/corrode easily due to the acidic content in cassava. The main component which is made from mild steel which consists of major parts namely, the mainframe which is constructed with angle iron which gives strength and rigidity to the war all matins, the hopper/s receptacle through which cassava is admitted into the machine for grating, the grating unit consist of the shaft, perforated mesh rolled sheet, circular disc and rival pins, the discharge unit which direct the flow of the grated cassava to a storage pit or receptacle, and the electric motor which is made from cast iron and winding horsepower of the machine. The capacity of the grater fabricated was 158kg/hr. The unit cost is #62,100 as against the #75,000 for the current grating unit in the market.


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