Design and implementation of a mobile-based timetable management system



Abstract Lecture timetabling is a very important process in any educational institution. It is an open-ended program in which courses must be arranged around a set of time slot ’T’ and remains so that some constraints are satisfied. It constitutes a class of difficult-to-solve optimization problems that lack analytical solution method. Data gathering on the current system was analyzed to create a requirement definition for the improved timetable system. Literature review was carried out to search the best approach that can help to solve the problem in the timetable system. Genetic Algorithm has been implemented in the Timetable Management System. This is because the Genetic Algorithm is able to produce a feasible timetable system. Java, XML and PHP programming languages were used in developing the solution. MySQL database was used as the back-end for the solution. The front-end solution will be implemented in an Android and JAVA for easier accessibility and proximity to users..

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