Design and implementation of a web-based repository for undergraduate projects



Abstract The web-based undergraduate project repository for the Computer Science and Informatics Department of Federal University Otuoke intends to eliminate the restrictions to timely and efficient access to undergraduate project information. To design and implement the project, we used the Model View Controller (MVC) application design which comprised of three interconnected parts: The model (data), the view (user interface), and the controller (processes that handle input). The results of the new system showed a 100 percent increase in time taken to search for one undergraduate project, security of projects from unfortunate water and fire disaster, minimization of official procedures in accessing project information and time taken to archive one undergraduate project. Also, project information can be accessed anytime when online. This implies there is no time bound to when to return metadata for undergraduate project work, leading to low or no restrictions to timely and efficient access to project information.

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