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Today all the work at the time of admission of the students is done manually by ink and paper, which is very slow and consuming much efforts and time. In the modern world of technology, computer are affecting our lives in more ways than we probably are aware of Computerized Management maintaining information of an educational institute, colleges, other the list is endless. The main principle behind the need of college admission system is easy supervision of institutes (Bharamagoudar, 2013). It can handle the details of students such as fee details or marks details. This Student Database has been designed taking into account the practical needs to manage a Students data. Moreover, it provides security at product level as well as user level. Its design concentrates on 2 types of users:

  1. Admin
  2. Students

This Database follows a typical event flow seen in such a system. The design and implementation of an online admission system is to replace the current paper records (Zhibing et al, 2010). This system is intended for communication purpose between users of academic institutions and the students seeking admission in the said Tertiary Institution. This system helps the administrator to easily access the supplied information’s of the to-be students. This system is also helpful for the administrator because he/she can easily perform tracebacks on those students that were given admission and who finally came into the school, as in current times most students who tend to want to manipulate their records (Birth date) can easily be caught. The web based system would require connecting to the database as a student or staff/Admin to view update.


1.2  Statement of the problem

Without having a technology driven process of Admitting students into schools based on certain requirements properly stated out by schools, it has over the years led to secondary school graduates finding theirselfs in Tertiary Institutions where they really lacked the basic requirements set by WAEC, JAMB and the institution in focus. With this ugly trends the actual students who are supposed to have gotten this admission will not get it and may end up reapplying for this admissions again, which can most times be time consuming and expensive.

The challenges of the current system which is manual has also made bribery and corruption to be the order of the day in Institutions of learning.

With the proper implementation of an online platform to take over the manual process of admission giving, it will go a long way in limiting the abuse of office of Educational staffs and empower the specific staffs responsible for admission processes to be proactive, as once in a while they will be supervised to see if really they have being doing exactly what is expected of them at their points of call. This system also will  limit the unwanted access of sensitive Applicants details to the public.

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the study

The aim of this project is to design and implement an online Student Admission system, that will ease Admission processes.

The specific objectives are to:

Develop a platform where college graduates can easily access, uploaded copies of required documents for their Admissions into Higher institutions of Learning.

Provide an easy to operate system that houses all applicants informations, as they regard to seeking admission in a said school.

Modernize the approach of Admission application process.

1.4 Scope of the study

This project is purposely designed to focus on providing a safe and transparent means of accepting qualified college graduates into institutions of Higher learning.

1.5 Limitation of the study

Limitations to this research were basically Time and access to educational resources from past research conducted in relation to this study.

1.6 Definition of Terms

Admission: Process involved in getting into an institution of learning as a student, undergo various types of learning and graduate with a certificate.

Web based: Platforms that rely on the use of Internet and its related facilities.

Online: The process of performing given tasks using the internet as a medium.

Application:  Refers to the process of seeking to become part of an institution of learning for a given period of time.



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