Development of an E-commerce security using biometrics technology



Abstract As technology advance daily, attacks on computer systems and computer applications are becoming tremendous and increasingly numerous and sophisticated. Thus, e-commerce is threatened due to negative use of technology. The good news is that the complexity and anonymity of computer systems does not only aid crime in the society but also it’s a combating measure to crime, aids crime prevention and assist investigation when positively utilized. Authentication plays a critical in security related applications like e-commerce websites. There are a number of methods and techniques for accomplishing this key process. In this regard, biometrics is gaining increasing attention in e-commerce and security systems at large. Having realized the values of biometrics for two basic purposes namely to verify (authenticate) and identify (recognize). There are numbers of biometrics and different system (application) needs different biometrics. In this research, how to maximize e-commerce security is considered using different biometrics. Also, e-commerce application and systems that have implemented biometrics technology is reviewed.

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