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Development of a Computerized missing people information management system



Abstract This project is a Website for Missing People in Nigeria. This website will hold information concerning missing persons in Nigeria. The cases of missing people in Nigeria are not properly communicated to the public which is a major drawback in searching for missing people in Nigeria. The case of missing people in Nigeria is a tough one. The public needs to be sensitized and be aware of cases of missing people so as to help the government, corporate bodies, and the Nigeria Police locate these persons declared missing in the country. This website will sensitize the public about persons declared missing in Nigeria. Information is very important as it helps create awareness. It is the job of the public to report an individual found. As this website is going to be implemented in Nigeria, the possibility of locating a missing person will be increased more than the traditional means of creating awareness and searching for missing persons without the help of the public.  When a person goes missing, the relatives should reports the events to the police for proper ascertaining and clarity and then the case is being uploaded to the website by the police with the provided information by the reporter. After the case has been uploaded to the website, there will be radio advert and television advert around the country to alert the public about the missing person and they can read more detail about the missing person on the website. At the end of this, the finding of missing persons will become easier as the public will be aware of missing persons will likely communicate any information that will be helpful.


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