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Impact of good office management staff welfare on institutional productivity




This project focuses on the Impact of good office management staff welfare on institutional productivity. The subject of this research is staff welfare and productivity in Nigerian universities, a case study of the University of Ibadan. The central problem of the study is to find out the reason for the observable poor management’s attitude towards staff welfare at the University of Ibadan and the factors responsible for poor delivery of welfare schemes for the staff of the university. The method of research adopted was survey method and to make for elaborateness, reliability and validity of our results, we employed a documentary survey. The instrument used in generating data in the study included questionnaires, interviews and documents. The study found out that there was a poor attitude of the university management in the provision and welfare schemes for the staff. The study found out too that inadequate funding, lack of internally generated revenue and mismanagement of the available fund helped to compound the problem. On the bases of the findings, the following recommendations were made. TheUniversity Administration should make season-less representation to the management requesting for funds. The University Administration should revisit the abandoned method of generating revenue from agriculture, modernize, and sponsor such methods to increase her internally generated revenue. There was a need for training and retraining of Bursary staff for accountability. The University Administration should try to develop highly motivating welfare schemes for her staff including seminars and workshops for potential retirees to prepare for their retirement. 


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