This project is all about the management of industrial conflict to ensure a peaceful atmosphere in an organization like Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited, in order to achieve the aims or objectives for which it was set up. Conflict has been part of organizations, it has a negative effect and also solving some problems, therefore if there are no challenges there will be any development. Most industrial crises in Nigeria, are a product of disagreement on matters of natural interest in the organization, those include issues like income adjustment, automation of production process, accumulated grudges and aiding industrial democracy. In any conflict situation, there, are bound to be fallout, some of which could be positive, but most are usually negative e.g. damage to co-operative property (If it involves/violence) negative attitude to work, diminished productivity, etc. These could lead to the desire of an organization. The only solution to industrial disharmony is for the organized union and an agreement to ensure that all variables that conspire or militate against peace are not allowed to surface at all in case some basic. 

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