This research is on Motivation of workers in a public organization, a study of Federal Medical Centre Bida. The research work is aimed to see the verification of performance on the individual in an organization. Some organization is too large relative to the number of their workforce active individual employee, therefore look like a”stone in a collection of a pebble” and continuously wonder how he can use from the least to the time light bearing in mind that this movement from the lower to the higher class depends on an acquisition. Improper organizational structure is the problem of some organization which might result in the functional overlap and therefore interferes with the normal flow of communication of cross-fertilization ideas. In that sense, it flows that most workers’ grievances are swallowed. This resulting in silence information gathered from this study indicate that the success in any organizational structure is ultimately in the hand of the employee at all level. This project has been able to establish the various motivation approaches available that management can choose in other to motivate employees effectively. 

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