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chevening oxford centre for islamic studies ocis fellowship program for mid career professionals fully funded for study in the uk 51343

Chevening-Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowship Program for Mid-Career Professionals (Fully Funded for Study in the UK)


The Chevening Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Fellowships are aimed at mid-career academics or professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of academic activities which encourage a more informed understanding of the culture and civilisation of Islam and contemporary Muslim societies.

The following fellowships are a collaboration between the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and OCIS:

  • Chevening OCIS Fellowship
  • Chevening OCIS Abdullah Gül Fellowship

Course/programme structure

Fellows will undertake a 6-month period of self-directed research focusing on their own project on the culture and civilisation of Islam and contemporary Muslim societies in a global context.

Fellows will benefit from meeting a multi-disciplinary group of scholars focusing on the Islamic world and have the opportunity to develop contacts with relevant individuals, discuss issues relating to the Islamic world, including Islamic history, classical Islamic sciences, economics and Islamic finance, and the study of Muslims in the West. Fellows will contribute to the Centre’s objective to encourage and promote sustained dialogue and collaboration within the global academic community of the culture and civilisation of Islam and contemporary Muslim societies.

OCIS is an institution for the advanced study of Islam and the Muslim world and provides a meeting point for the Western and Islamic worlds of learning.

This fellowship programme will commence in October 2022. Fellows will need to develop their own research project to focus on during their fellowship prior to arriving in the UK.

Fellows must reside in Oxford for the duration of their award. OCIS can provide information about accommodation options in Oxford upon selection.

To be eligible for a Chevening OCIS Fellowship, you must:

  • Demonstrate the potential to rise to a position of leadership and influence
  • Demonstrate the personal, intellectual and interpersonal attributes reflecting this potential
  • Be a citizen of Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Philippines, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan
  • Return to country of your citizenship at the end of the period of the fellowship
  • Hold a postgraduate level qualification (or equivalent professional training or experience in a relevant area) at the time of application
  • Have significant professional and/or academic research experience (at least five years)
  • Provide evidence of meeting at least the minimum English language abilities for Chevening Awards
  • Not hold British or dual-British citizenship
  • Are an employee, a former employee, or relative* of an employee of Her Majesty’s Government, or have been within the last two years from the opening of Chevening applications (including British embassies/high commissions; the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy; Department for International Trade; the Ministry of Defence; and the Home Office), or a staff member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

* Note: Immediate relatives are defined as parents or step-parents, siblings or step-siblings, children or step-children, spouse, civil partner or unmarried (where the couple have been in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership for at least two years).

Please note that applicants who have previously received financial benefit from a HMG-funded scholarship or fellowship are eligible to apply after a period of five years following the completion of their first HMG funded award. In these cases, applicants will be required to demonstrate their career progression from that point.


  • Six-month period of research at OCIS.
  • Living expenses for the duration of the fellowship.
  • Return economy airfare from home country to the UK.
  • Allowance package for research-related activities.
  • Access to a programme of cultural events and activities organised by the FCDO and the Chevening Secretariat.

Application requirement

Applicants should be prepared to outline a short proposal on the area of academic research they would like to conduct at the time of application submission. The proposal should include a main research question and how the applicant intends to conduct this research while in residence at the Centre.

Application Deadline: 2nd November 2021

For More Information:

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torrens university australia three pillars blue mountains international hotel management school hospitality scholarships 50769

Torrens University Australia Three Pillars Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Hospitality Scholarships.


With the aim of providing a world-class education to highly qualified students, Torrens University Australia is providing Three Pillars Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Hospitality Scholarships. The award is open for the academic year 2021-2022.

The main motive of the bursary is to provide financial support for international students who want to undertake an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program.

Torrens Institution is a private university in Australia. It offers high-quality undergraduate, doctorate, higher degree by study, and specialized degree programmes in a wide range of academic subjects.

Why would like to study at Torrens University? Students will have access to a diverse range of work options and will develop the skills they need to carve out successful careers at this university. At the institution, students are now being prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Application Deadline: August 22, 2021

Brief Description

  • University: Torrens University Australia
  • Department: NA
  • Course LevelUndergraduate and postgraduate
  • Awards: Up to 30% off on tuition-fees
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: NA
  • Nationality: International students
  • The award can be taken in Australia



  • Eligible Countries: All nationalities
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: Undergraduate and postgraduate degree will be awarded in any subject offered by the university
  • Admissible Criteria: To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate international students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over a 12-month study period, to maintain their scholarship. Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects.

How to Apply        


  • How to Apply: Before applying for this opportunity, the candidates must take admission in any undergraduate or master’s course at the university. After being a university student, all applicants can access this grant.
  • Supporting Documents: Upload to your application a copy of your official transcripts for ALL secondary (high school) and post-secondary/university education
  • Admission Requirements: For taking admission, candidates must check all the entry requirements of the university.
  • Language Requirement: Undergraduate applicants are required to display a credit average from high school and an IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent. Postgraduate applicants are required to display a credit average in their previous degree and have an IELTS of 7.0 or equivalent overall.


Torrens University Australia will cover up to 30% of your total tuition costs for successful candidates.

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gen z teens get a crash course in pitfalls of us jobs market business and economy news 50632

Gen Z teens get a crash course in pitfalls of US jobs market | Business and Economy News

Every summer in the United States, teens across the country pound the pavement in search of gainful employment. But this year, teens belonging to Generation Z, the cohort born between 1997 and 2012, are finding a mother lode of job openings to choose from.

Among them is 16-year-old Hailey Hamilton of Flower Mound, Texas. She recently quit her job at a pizza restaurant, confident that she could quickly land a new one at her local mall.

“Everyone is looking to hire right now,” she told Al Jazeera. “Everyone is understaffed.”

Sixteen-year-old Wren Carter of Minneapolis easily landed a job at a fast-casual salad restaurant in April after texting the general manager, securing a phone interview, and getting hired on the spot.

“My mom threatened to send me off to camp if I didn’t get a job to get responsibility and experience instead of doing nothing all summer,” Carter told Al Jazeera. “I did want to earn extra money.”

Over in Tennessee, 19-year-old Addison Howard tested just how valuable his teenage labour has become when he decided to return to work at a fast-food restaurant that employed him three years ago.

“When I first started in 2018, I was getting $7.50 an hour, but they increased it to $12 this summer when I came back,” he told Al Jazeera, adding that he was unwilling to accept anything under $10 an hour.

In Maryland, Olivia Gyapong found work as a cashier at a Safeway grocery store. “I was just trying to find a random summer job; I didn’t know what I was going to do, but tons of places were hiring — I had a lot to choose from,” the 18-year-old told Al Jazeera.

Everyone is looking to hire right now.

Hailey Hamilton, 16-year-old

The US economy had a record 9.2 million job openings in May, the most recent month for which data is available.

Many of the jobs that are going begging are in customer-facing services industries: restaurants, bars and retail shops that are gearing up operations as consumers unleash pent-up demand.

Unable to be picky, many businesses are choosing to hire teens while unemployed adults — some 8.7 million of them in July, according to the US Department of Labor — remain on the sidelines.

Less than a third of the nation’s teens were employed during the summer of 2020. This year, though, they have roared back into the jobs market with a vengeance.

In May, 33.2 percent of US teens aged 16-19 had a job — the highest since 2008. The share of teens in employment slipped back to 31.9 percent in June, but climbed again to 32.7 percent in July, placing the share back above pre-pandemic levels.

While many entry-level jobs come with the usual trappings that teens look for — satisfying their parents’ requests or stowing away extra cash for purchases or college — Gen Z’ers are also learning unique lessons about the pitfalls of the US labour market thanks to the “post”-pandemic context of their employment.

It’s mostly high schoolers and I see them working 40- or 50-hour weeks.

Addison Howard, 19-year-old

Stepping into the jobs breach

The mismatch between the number of job openings and jobless adults in the US has become the subject of heated debate.

Some observers say myriad factors are keeping unemployed workers from finding new positions, such as early retirement, too many businesses chasing the same set of skills at once, an ongoing lack of childcare options, fears of contracting COVID-19, and a desire to avoid the growing number of vaccine mandates by employers.

Many Republicans are blaming the $300-a-week federal weekly top-up to state unemployment benefits for enabling adult workers to be pickier about the next job they’ll take. As a result, dozens of states — the majority of them led by Republican governors — have decided to withdraw from federal unemployment benefits programmes before they expire in early September.

Regardless of what is stopping grown-ups from taking advantage of a jobs market awash in opportunities, it is not dissuading teens from stepping into the breach.

Howard and Gyapong are pulling double duty this summer, balancing the service industry jobs they do for cash with other commitments they’ve taken on to advance their career and public-service goals. Gyapong is interning for a member of Congress in Washington, DC, and Howard is running the camera for a local baseball team and managing livestreams and music for a nearby church.

I think it’s sad sometimes that these teens are working 30-, 40-, 50-hour weeks.

Addison Howard, 19-year-old

While Howard chooses to burn the candle at both ends in separate jobs, he says many of his fellow teens at his service gig are overworked, thanks to chronic understaffing.

“It’s mostly high schoolers and I see them working 40- or 50-hour weeks, doing a part-time job with full-time hours,” he said. “Maybe their parents are making them pay for college or they’re buying a car, but I think it’s sad sometimes that these teens are working 30-, 40-, 50-hour weeks.”

Hamilton said that she and many of her fellow part-time employees at the pizza restaurant where she was employed until June consistently worked more than 40 hours a week, thanks in large part to a lack of staff.

“Everyone is understaffed because of COVID and all of the unemployment. A lot of people said ‘honestly, I don’t need this job’ and they left,” Hamilton said. “We get so much put on us — we’re running a whole store and we’re in charge of everything.”

A lack of training has also been problematic for some of these teens.

“It’s kind of like we all don’t know what to do sometimes. We’re all severely undertrained,” said Carter, the salad restaurant employee. “I kinda just got thrown in on my first day. I still don’t know how to prep half of [the ingredients], so I just stick to the things I know how to do.”

And customers are not always understanding of the challenges Gen Z summer workers are facing.

“Adults would come in and scream at us because stuff is wrong or taking too long,” said Hamilton. “It’s just a bunch of kids working here.”

“I wish people would just treat others with more kindness, especially those coming into work — you don’t know their story or what they’re going through,” said Howard.

The rude customers, long hours, and lack of training have made some of these young employees far more compassionate toward adults who are choosing not to re-enter the labour market for now.

Hamilton said she was far more frustrated with adult customers at the pizza restaurant who seemed to be oblivious to the current employment situation than workers who are opting to stay at home and collect unemployment.

Gyapong sees it as “a reflection of how poorly people are paid in this country, that they’re making more money by not working”.

Howard also hopes the shifting landscape of the US labour market convinces policymakers to raise the federal minimum wage, noting “There are families working over 40 hours just to get scraps of money.”

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postgraduate studies scholarships for international students in czech republic 50237

Postgraduate Studies Scholarships for International Students in Czech Republic

International candidates have a wonderful chance to conduct their postgraduate study with the help of the postgraduate placements offered by the Bavarian-Czech University Agency. The grants programme is open for the academic year 2021-2022.

The grant is aimed at providing funding for a postgraduate degree to deserving students. Bavaria and Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern European students are eligible to take this application.

The Bavarian-Czech University Agency is affiliated as a separate department to the Bavarian University Centre for Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe (BAYHOST). It was started in 2016 to make a significant contribution to the development of a first-class and sustainable academic network in research and teaching.

Why choose to study in Czech? Universities in Czech offer excellent teaching and research, ranking among the best in the world. The students earn an internationally renowned degree, giving them excellent prospects in the global labor market. They provide outstanding academic programmes, while universities of applied sciences offer a range of attractive, practice-oriented options. Many universities collaborate with companies and many study programmes combine theory and practice which greatly facilitate the start of the students’ career.

Application Deadline: 1st December 2021

Brief Description

  • University or Organization: Bavarian-Czech University Agency
  • Department: NA
  • Course Level: Postgraduate
  • Award: 12,252 €
  • Number of Awards: NA
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Nationality: International
  • The award can be taken in the Czech Republic



  • Eligible Countries: Applicants from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine are eligible to apply.
  • Eligible Course or Subjects: Any postgraduate programme offered at state-funded higher education institutions in Bavaria is eligible to apply for.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following/given criteria:
  • The applicants must have been accepted in the applied postgraduate programme at any state-funded higher education institute before the deadline.

How to Apply

  • How to Apply: The applicants need to apply to a postgraduate programme at any state-funded institute by following their respective application procedures. The applicants can fill this form to show their interest in the program.
  • Supporting Documents: The students are required to present the following documents to the university:
  • Letter of motivation
  • Description of project
  • Previous academic achievements
  • Letter of endorsement
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Admission Requirements: The applicants must be international students applying to a state-funded institute fulfilling its admission requirements.
  • Language Requirement: The students are required to be fluent in English and slightly proficient in German for hassle-free communication.


The selected international applicants will be given 861€ – 12,252€ per year towards the undertaken postgraduate studies, research sojourns, or doctoral studies at state and state-funded higher education institutions in Bavaria.


2022 vital voices vv grow fellowship global accelerator program for female entrepreneurs scholarships available 48321

2022 Vital Voices (VV) GROW Fellowship Global Accelerator Program for Female Entrepreneurs (Scholarships Available)

The Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) is responsible for managing the program. It was commissioned by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec (MEES) which provides the funding. The program has a component open to students of all countries and six specific components reserved for students from Brazil, China, India, Israel, Mexico and Wallonia. These specific components arise from agreements concluded between Québec and foreign governments.

The objective of the Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students (PBEEE) is to support the internationalization of research activities in Québec’s institutions of higher education, to attract top foreign researchers and students, and to promote international recognition of Québec universities and College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT).

The program covers higher education as a whole by giving to the CCTT researchers and administrators the opportunity to participate.

Target group

These scholarships are intended for foreign students or researchers from all research sectors (health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering) preselected by a Québec university, Synchronex (a CCTT), the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (SRE) or the National Council on Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT) who wish to begin or continue studies or research activities in Québec. No research sector is given preference.

Value of scholarships

In addition to the scholarship, MEES offers all scholarship recipients an exemption from paying the higher tuition fees required for foreign students and the medical insurance coverage offered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

Value of scholarships for each component:

Doctoral research scholarships (V1, 1B, 1C, 1I, 1IS, 1M, 1W): $25,000 a year. The maximum duration of the scholarship is three years (nine semesters) with a possible extension of up to 12 months (monthly allowance of $1,000).

Postdoctoral scholarships (V2, 2B, 2C, 2I, 2M): $35,000 for one year (cannot be renewed).

Short-term research or professional development scholarships (V3, 3B, 3C, 3I, 3IS, 3M, 3W): $3,000 a month for a period of up to four months.

Eligibility requirements, citizenship and residence


  • Must meet all eligibility requirements at the closing date of the competition (a different closing date to be confirmed for students preselected by CSC);
  • Must have been preselected by a university or Synchronex (a CCTT);
  • For the Québec-China scholarship, must be preselected by the CSC;
  • Cannot have already received a Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students from MEES, FRQNT or the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC);
  • Cannot be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
  • Cannot have applied for permanent resident status under Canadian immigration law.

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, candidates must take note of the following restrictions and administrative requirements:

Restriction on programs of study

Québec-Wallonia scholarship candidates must have previously studied in a French-language university-level institution in Belgium at the time they are awarded their scholarship.

Doctoral research (V1, 1B, 1C, 1I, 1IS, 1M, 1W) scholarship recipients must:

  • Have a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) issued by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec and a study permit issued by the Canadian Consulate valid for the duration of their studies in Québec.

Postdoctoral scholarship (V2, 2B, 2C, 2I, 2M) recipients must:

  • Have a work permit issued by the Canadian Consulate for the entire duration of their stay in Québec.

Short-term research or professional development scholarship (V3, 3B, 3C, 3I, 3IS, 3M, 3W) recipients must:

Preselection of candidates

Only candidates preselected by a Québec university or Synchronex as of September 30, 2021 can be part of this competition. Candidates for the Québec-China scholarship must be preselected by the CSC as of March 31, 2022.

The universities, Synchronex, the SRE or the CONACYT and the CSC assume full responsibility for candidate preselection. You can consult the various deadlines for the preselection competition of each Québec university and Synchronex on the FRQNT website.

Those in charge of candidate preselection must refer to the instructions for candidate preselection available on the program web page.

Those in charge of candidate preselection in a Québec university or in Synchronex must complete the form for nominating candidates for the Merit Scholarship Programs for Foreign Students available through the FRQnet system of the FRQNT. It must be transmitted electronically by 4 p.m. on September 30, 2021.

Candidates must meet all the eligibility requirements of this program. Candidates proposed by a Québec university, Synchronex, the CSC, the SRE or CONACYT may be declared ineligible by the FRQNT if these criteria are not met.

Candidates preselected to the general program components (V1, V2, V3) can also be preselected for the Québec-Brazil-China-India-Israel-Mexico-Wallonia program components.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2021

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage

international student scholarships 2021 at university of coimbra in portugal 44700

International Student Scholarships 2021 at University of Coimbra in Portugal

Apply for International Student Scholarships 2021 at University of Coimbra in Portugal.

Applications are invited for the International Student Scholarship Program which will be provided to individuals who are seeking to study at the University of Coimbra – Portugal.

This scholarship opportunity will be aiming to provide students with better living conditions and study experiences, the University of Coimbra offers a pack of financial support options for International Students.


  • Applicants must be International students
  • Applicants should check the English language requirements when studying at the University of Coimbra.
  • Applicants will need to present a transcript of upper secondary education, and in some institutions, international students must also pass an entrance exam.

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Method of Application: To be considered for the award, students must take admission to an undergraduate degree at the university. After that, applicants must complete the application form for this opportunity.

Visit The Scholarships Webpage For More Information

2021 sa ger cdr scholarships internships for african students 37473

2021 SA-GER-CDR Scholarships + Internships for African Students

DRD offers a limited number of DAAD merit scholarships per year to applicants from Sub-Saharan African countries with an excellent academic record. This scholarship opportunity includes monthly allowances of 650 Euro plus travel allowances for Master candidates and 900 Euro plus travel allowances for Ph.D. candidates.


  • Applicants should be from Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Applicants should have an outstanding academic record – at least 70% for their last degree
  • Applicants should apply within 6 years of having completed their previous degree
  • The study must have been completed at an internationally recognized university
  • The previous degree (Baccalaureus or Master) should have been an academic discipline which is related to Development Studies or Public Administration
  • South African students are required to have an honours degree in order to be admitted to a Masters’s degree course. Other students need the equivalent of a 4-year undergraduate degree
  • Applicants must provide evidence of proficiency in English, both written and spoken. This can be TOEFL test or a similar standard test or a letter from an academic institution
  • Work and/or voluntary experience in your field of interest would be a recommendation
  • Women are encouraged to apply
  • South African students are encouraged to apply
  • Applicants must be able to study full-time at the UWC for the required period.

Eligible Countries: Sub-Saharan African countries

To be taken at (country): School of Government, University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany

Type: Masters, PhD

Number of Scholarships: not specified

Value of Scholarship:

  • Scholarships include monthly allowances of 650 Euro plus travel allowances for Master candidates and 900 Euro plus travel allowances for PhD candidates.
  • Tuition and registration fees are covered by the Scholarship Programme.

Duration of Scholarship: for period of the programme

Eligible Field of Study: Scholarships are available for full-time students of

Method of Application: You will have to fill in an electronic application form (ONLY AVAILABLE during open Calls)! Applications not using this e-form can´t be considered! As the e-form can only be submitted once, please make sure that your application is complete before submitting it!

Documents that have to be uploaded when using the e-form are mentioned in the respecitve “How to apply” sections of each programme!

Application Deadlines:

  • the MA in Development Studies (next deadline 20th June 2021, online application is available in the “How to apply” section of the Programme!)
  • the Master in Public Administration (next deadline 20th June 2021, online application is available in the “How to apply” section of the Programme!)
  • the MA in Development Management (Bochum Programme, next deadline 30 November 2021)
    (separate online application platform, access and guidelines via “How to apply” section of the Bochum programme or via the course homepage)
  • the different PhD options at the centre (PhD UWC) (There will be no! Call for Scholarship Applications for the 2022 intake!!)

For additional information on the courses or on registration please write to info.uwc@cdr-sa.org

Visit The Official Website For More Information

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