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Trier University international awards in Germany

Unlock your academic potential with the help of this international scholarship offered by the University of Trier. The award is open for the academic year 2021/2022.

The motive of the bursary is to support students who want to undertake the bachelor’s, master’s, Diploma, or State Exam degree programme at the university.

The University of Trier has six faculties with around 470 faculty members. The university’s award-winning green campus comes with gorgeous views of the city and its surrounding nature.

Why would like to study at the University of Trier? Trier University provides a modern architecture and unique atmosphere it is said to be one of Germany’s most beautiful campuses. It offers domestic and foreign students the opportunity to do academic work.

Application Deadline: September 10, 2021

Brief Description

  • University: University of Trier
  • Department: NA
  • Course Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s, Diploma, or State Exam degree programmes
  • Awards: Varies
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: NA
  • Nationality: International students
  • The award can be taken in Germany


  • Eligible Countries: All nationalities (except Germany)
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: Bachelor’s and Master’s, Diploma, or State Exam degree programmes in any subject offered by the university
  • Admissible Criteria: To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:
  • Are not of German nationality
  • Are registered at Trier University in order to acquire a degree qualification need financial support and who, based on their previously achieved grades, are likely to graduate within a maximum of two semesters.

How to Apply        


  • How to Apply: For grasping the opportunity, students have to take admission in the degree coursework at the university. After that, they can download and complete an application form for this funding position.
  • Supporting Documents: You must submit all the following documents:
  • Current certificate of enrolment at Trier University
  • Evidence of completed modules/courses and exams
  • If possible: Registration of the topic of your final dissertation or final examination(s)
  • Provisional timetable for the completion of your degree (in monthly steps)
  • CV with a passport photo
  • Evidence of current finances (e.g. pay-slip of your partner)
  • Reference from a professor
  • Admission Requirements: For taking admission, applicants must check the entry requirements of the university.
  • Language Requirement: Applicants must prove their English language proficiency through one of the following tests, which should have been taken within the last three years:
  • TOEFL (TOEFL-code: 9208)
  • internet-based: at least 80 points
  • computer-based: at least 215 points
  • paper-based: at least 550 points
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
  • IELTS with at least 6,0 points
  • UNIcert III
  • C1 certificate for CEF


The University of Trier will provide the study expenses in the following manner:

  • Up to 350 Euros per month for students in Bachelor’s programs
  • Up to 400 Euros per month for students in Magister, Master’s, Diploma, or State Exam degree programs


how to sell final year project topics and materials with your mobile phone in nigeria 46736

How to sell final year project topics and materials with your mobile phone in Nigeria

This post is about how to sell final year project topics and materials at your own price by just using your mobile phone in Nigeria and get paid daily.

The following steps below will guide you, at any point you feel lost or just want someone to help you publish the research work information on our website just click HELP ME and you will be redirected to our whatsapp page where you will be properly aided and your store will start running in minutes.

Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Register on Projectslib using this link: The registration process is one amongst the simplest you will find on the internet. The first step in the registration process is a general step for sellers (vendors) and buyers, but not to worry its very easy. To also get to the Registration page you may just wish to click on the top most right ICON on our main website just as you see below


By using any of the registration methods to get to the sign up page, you will be presented with a login screen just like this


Remember our target is to get to the sign up page, all you need do is click on signup down on the login page, just below “Don’t have an account ?”


2. Next step is to fill in all your required information,

  • Choose a username or nickname that is short and you will always remember
  • type your Phone Number, it has to be correct and the sim card has to be inserted in any phone close to you as a code will be as an SMS to that phone number. The format is the country code (+234) and then the number follows, just remove the first (0) in your phone number and type the remaining 10 digits. Example: 9047578492, while this persons complete phone number is 09047578492.


  • Enter your correct Email Address
  • Enter your Password, ensure you enter any password of your choice in any format you like.

NOTE: Just incase you need any of our agents to do the registration and uploads for you just click HELP ME and we will be at your service.

As soon as you are done with your sign up you will be logged and you can now access the general dashboard, to always get to this page once logged in click HERE.



3. The next step is to scroll down to where you see “BECOME A VENDOR” click on it and you will be presented with the vendor registration screen. Fill all the required information’s as you see on display, for instance your store can be called your nick name or username.


4. OnoOn completion of the registration click on “BECOME A VENDOR” and you will be granted access to your personal store.


The store dashboard has all that is required to publish your project material(s) and sell at your own price, and also monitor its downloads and your earnings.

To publish a project work, click on the red icon with 3 dashes


it will open up all the dashboard sections


click on “PRODUCTS”, a new page opens click on “ADD NEW PRODUCT”


The next screen is all about the details of the project work in your possession.



Fill the project title, select the department, copy and paste the Abstract and the Chapter One in their sections (This are the sections the researcher/student who needs the work can read on our website), then click on “CHOOSE FILE” to select the location of the complete material you wish to sell (We prefer you upload your files so that on purchase we can deliver in less than 15 minutes) if you have an issue with uploading your work do let us know. Also type the price you wish to sell (Try to keep your price low to encourage purchase. On first purchase you get all the amount you have stated to sell for instance you want to sell at #3000naira, what it means is that we will pay you #3000, while subsequent purchase, then we will reduce the price to #2500, and be paying you 1500, while we take #1000naira. Ideally project materials fall on the range of #3000 to #5000, sell at any price that suites you).

On completion of the entry process and ticking on the “CONSENT” click on “SUBMIT”




And we will be notified about your entry and we will publish it after ensuring you filled in the right sections. On your dashboard, on “PRODUCT” you will see that your work is live and people can read its Title, Abstract and Chapter One.


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smccd in usa 2021 global beca international student scholarships 45326

SMCCD in USA 2021 Global Beca International Student Scholarships

Apply for SMCCD in USA 2021 Global Beca International Student Scholarships .

A limited number of scholarships are available to students who want to study at the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, USA. The scholarships are highly competitive so be sure to read the instructions and questions carefully and submit all required documents to avoid delay or disqualification.

It can take 1-2 months for the committee to review an application and make a decision, so prospective students are encouraged to apply early. Please keep in mind that funds are limited and not all applicants will be rewarded a scholarship.


  • Applicants must have high school certificates with the good academic year 2021/2022.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 will need to show proof of high school graduation or the equivalent and complete the Minor Consent Form. If applicable, download and fill out the Minor Consent Form

Application Deadline: November 15th

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate

Value of Awards: Range from $250 to $3,000

Number of Awards: Limited

Method of Application: In order to apply for this opportunity, students must follow these steps:

  • Log into your Student Success Link (information regarding logging into your student success link can be found HERE).
  • Click the link titled “SMCCD International Portal” in the picture Found on the official website to get back to your international application.

Supporting documents to include:

  • Insight Statement
    Type out a 250-300 word Personal Insight Statement regarding your program of study and how San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley will contribute to your academic and career goals. We would like you to include in your personal insight statement your response to the following questions:

    • What have you done academically that prepares you for your future success?
    • Why do you believe activities outside the classroom are also important for your future success?
    • How would financial support for your education benefit you and your family?
  • Letter of recommendation in English from a teacher, counselor, or principal.
  • Copy of your academic transcript from the past year or last school attended.

Visit The Official Website For More Information

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